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Car accidents are a common source of serious injury in the state of Tennessee and in many other states as well. A car accident is a traumatic experience that can disrupt a person’s life tremendously. Besides causing damage to the vehicle that is relied upon for transportation, a car accident can also cause serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment or time off work. Even though some compensation for these damages may be available from your own and from the other driver’s insurance companies, it is usually an amount that is less than what is truly needed and deserved by the injured victim. That is why it is a wise choice to consult with an experienced Tennessee car accident lawyer when you have been hurt in a car accident, especially if the injuries are severe.

Causes of Car Accidents

There are many possible causes of car accidents nowadays, probably more than ever because of smart phones and other high-tech toys. Distracted driving, such as looking at a phone or texting while driving, is a major cause of serious accidents in which people are injured or killed. Other causes are substance abuse such as drugs or alcohol, which impair a driver’s judgment, malfunctioning auto equipment, or even large potholes or cracks in a road. Speeding is another common cause of accidents. Drivers who are aggressive or who are overly fatigued may also be the cause of an accident. A skilled car accident lawyer will be familiar with the various causes and types of negligence that drivers who cause accidents often display.

Types of Car Accident Injuries and Compensation

The state of Tennessee follows the “49 percent rule”, which means that the injured party must be less at fault than the defendant in order to be compensated for the injury. Then, the amount of compensation that the injured party receives is reduced by a percentage of fault that he/she has in the accident. Car accident injuries range from minor abrasions and lacerations to long bone fractures and severe head injuries that may be life-altering or cause permanent disability. Compensation may include repair of vehicle damage, payment of medical bills and lost wages, or even compensation for lost earning capacity if an injured party is unable to return to the job. There may also be compensation for non-economic damages like pain and suffering or emotional trauma.

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