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Do I Need a Fathers’ Rights Attorney?

Suppose you are a father who is going through a divorce, and there is a conflict during the process about child visitation rights, custody, parental fitness, or other similar issues. In that case, you may benefit greatly from a visit with a Tennessee father’s rights attorney. The divorce process can become complicated and intimidating when […]

What’s the Difference Between Sole and Shared Custody?

In a divorce that involves children, a custody determination of some kind must be made. Sole custody occurs when one parent alone is given custody of the child or children, and shared custody happens when both parents reach an agreement to participate in the care of the children. Nowadays, most courts favor shared custody arrangements […]

What Qualifies as Emergency Custody?

Children depend upon their parents for their daily care and for guidance, shelter, food, and an education. When circumstances arise in which parents are unable or unwilling to provide these things for a child, a court may consider removing the child from home and giving someone else emergency custody. Although the most common reason why […]

What Happens After Your Dependency Case is Dismissed?

A juvenile dependency case is one in which a child is removed from your home because someone has alleged that the child is the victim of abuse or neglect. When this occurs, either the police or a social worker will investigate to see if the allegations are true. Then, they will either take no action […]

How Do Lawyers Take Care of Traffic Tickets?

If you’ve received an expensive traffic ticket, the biggest mistake you can make is to do nothing. If you leave the ticket unpaid because you cannot afford it, you could eventually be facing a warrant for your arrest. This will happen if you fail to either pay the ticket or arrange for a court hearing, […]

What qualifies as felony theft?

A charge of felony theft is a serious charge that can put a negative mark on your criminal record for life. This can keep you from getting the job you want or even getting a professional license. In the state of Tennessee, theft is classified as a felony if the amount of the theft exceeds […]

What Crimes are Considered Violent Crimes?

Crimes in which one person inflicts harm upon another are considered to be violent crimes. However, the category of violent crime may also include a threat of intentional harm to another. Most violent crimes are felonies, and being charged with one is a very serious matter. If you’ve been charged with or accused of a […]

What class of felony is drug trafficking in TN?

While both the possession of and the sale and trafficking of illegal drugs are serious crimes, drug trafficking is the more serious of the two and is always a felony in the state of Tennessee. Felonies are classified as Class A, B, C, D, or E, with the Class A felony being the most serious […]

How Serious is a Domestic Violence Charge?

A domestic violence charge is always a serious charge, but whether it is a misdemeanor or felony depends on several circumstances. In general, domestic violence is any form of abuse that occurs one time or repeatedly within some type of intimate relationship, whether it’s a marriage, a dating couple, a couple who is living together, […]

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