Child Support Modification in Chattanooga, TN

Modifying Child Support in Tennessee

In many child custody disputes, whether divorces, separations, or break-ups, child support is a controversial topic. Whether determining who pays child support, to how much they pay, and whether it can be modified later on, all can be serious topics of discuss. This is why it’s important to have an experienced child support lawyer by your side from the Integrity Law Firm, PLLC.

Determining child support amount

You can estimate how much child support you’re owed by filling out the Tennessee Child Support guidelines worksheet. However, you will need your ex’s financial information as the state uses both parents’ income to determine the amount they will pay. If the paying parent has insufficient means or there are other factors to consider, the court may deviate from the calculated child support payment. However, that doesn’t mean a parent can just quit their job to not pay support. If a parent is unemployed or underemployed, the court may order them to search for a job and report back to the court when they do for a child support determination.

What if the non-custodial parent has other children?

If your child’s parent has other children, you may receive less support. The court must first consider any other child support the parent pays before making a decision on the amount of support for your child. Our legal team can help you understand this during your initial consultation.

Modifying an existing child support order.

Yes, you can modify an existing child support order if there is a significant change between the original amount of support and the proposed amount that would be paid under a modified order. In the State of Tennessee, it must be at least a 15% change. This can be when someone’s income decreases significantly, the child moves out, healthcare expenses change, childcare costs go up, or if one of the parents has another child, for some instances.

You must submit a formal request to the court to modify a child support order as nothing happens automatically. Ultimately, determining and modifying child support can be a complicated process that requires many documents and paperwork. This makes it important to have an experienced child support lawyer by your side to support you throughout the process and to ensure that the best interests of your child are met.

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