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In the state of Tennessee, the charge of a drug-related crime is considered a very serious one. Having such a charge on your record can result in undesirable consequences for the rest of your life. If you’ve been charged with a drug-related crime, you should contact a Tennessee drug crimes lawyer immediately, even before you begin to answer the questions of various law enforcement personnel. Sometimes law enforcement will ask you questions or direct the conversation in such a way as to get you to incriminate yourself. You should not try to answer the questions yourself but should instead get an experienced lawyer to do the talking for you.

Types of Drug Charges

There are several different types of drug charges that you could face if you have been involved in drug-related activity. The possession of illegal drugs themselves or various drug paraphernalia are some of the less serious charges, but if this is your second or third offense, you could still end up in jail. Drug paraphernalia includes items like syringes, rolling papers, small baggies, pipes, or similar. Charges of drug manufacturing or drug trafficking are even more serious. Transporting illegal drugs across the state will bring state charges while transporting them beyond the state to another state will bring even more serious federal charges. Drug manufacturing is one of the most serious charges of all and can get you a sentence of life in prison as well as fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

 Penalties and Defenses for Drug Charges

The penalties that are given for a drug charge depend upon the type of drug crime, the type of drug, the amount of the drug, and your prior criminal record. Drugs are categorized in schedules according to their potential for abuse, and Schedule I drugs like heroin carry the most serious charges. A first-time possession charge is often a misdemeanor, but a charge of the manufacture of a drug like heroin easily can carry a sentence of life in prison. Drug crimes lawyers can sometimes use a defense of improper search and seizure for clients who have been charged with a drug crime. If any of the police procedures in your arrest were not carried out correctly, this may also be a potential defense. They may also argue that the drugs involved were not yours. An experienced drug crime lawyer will be familiar with the local judicial system and will be able to find ways to defend you against the charges.

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