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Many parents welcome the help of their parents with their children. A parent’s separation or divorce changes the entire family dynamic. If you’re a grandparent in Tennessee that wants additional visitation with your grandchild, one of our custody lawyers at The Integrity Law Firm, PLLC can help. The only time that grandparent visitation rights are a problem is when a parent objects.

Reasons to grant grandparents’ visitation parents

Some instances that the court will consider a grandparent’s visitation request includes:

  • The child’s parent is deceased
  • The child’s parents are divorcing, separated, or were never legally married
  • The child’s parent has been missing for over six months
  • Another state court has ordered them visitation rights
  • The child lived in their home at least a year and was removed from the home by their parents

To get visitation with your grandchild, you must prove one of these factors. Our legal professionals understand the legal process and can represent you in all court proceedings. We also may attempt to prove that the child is being harmed by not seeing their loved one, especially if the grandparent was their primary caregiver for at least six months before.

When can you get custody of your grandchild?

A grandparent can file a petition for custody when:

  • the child’s parents have divorced
  • the child’s parents are deceased
  • the child has been abandoned or has been neglected or abused

A grandparent can’t obtain custody unless the child’s parents are deemed unfit or unable to care for their child. A judge will assess the best interests of the child grandparent’s ability to meet the child’s needs, and other factors concerning parental unfitness.

Can a biological grandparent get visitation rights after a child has been adopted?

Adoption terminates any legal ties between a child and their biological parents or grandparents. Some exceptions may apply in cases of adoption by a stepparent or a blood relative. In Tennessee, grandparents have a legal standing to pursue visitation with a grandchild. One of our child custody or parental rights attorneys at The Integrity Law Firm, PLLC can help. To schedule a consultation to learn more about our legal services, call 423-498-5001 today. We serve all of Chattanooga, Red Bank, Soddy-Daisy, East Ridge, Collegedale, Hixson, Ooltewah, Lookout Mountain, Signal Mountain, and Harrison, TN.

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