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Since July 1, 2019, it has been illegal to operate a motor vehicle while holding a cell phone. The hands free law, part of the Hands Free Tennessee campaign, was created to reduce the number of distracted driving incidents and fatalities in the state. By mandating that no driver is to have their phone in their hand while driving, the state government hopes to reduce distraction and increase safety.

The law, which carries an initial $50 fine, does not prevent drivers from using their phones altogether. Drivers may use blue tooth devices or speakerphones, for example. Similarly, if the phone is mounted on a dashboard, console, or windshield, GPS can be used.

It is now against the law to hold your phone with any part of your body; utilize text messaging of any kind (reading, typing, or sending); record a video or broadcast through your phone; watch a video, stream a TV show or movie; or come out of your seat or seatbelt to pick up your phone.

As previously mentioned, the initial fine is $50, but it can be waived if the offender attends a driver’s education course. Repeat offenders will, however, be subject to increased fines.

Remember that when you are driving it is critical to keep your eyes on the road at all times. This is important not only for you and the people in your car but for the drivers around you and potential pedestrians or road workers. Should you receive a fine for not complying with the law, or should you be in an accident because you failed to properly maintain focus on the road, contact The Integrity Law Firm. Our attorney can work with you to achieve the best legal outcome. For questions or concerns related to the new law, please call us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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