How Do Lawyers Take Care of Traffic Tickets?

If you’ve received an expensive traffic ticket, the biggest mistake you can make is to do nothing. If you leave the ticket unpaid because you cannot afford it, you could eventually be facing a warrant for your arrest. This will happen if you fail to either pay the ticket or arrange for a court hearing, so you must be proactive in some way. Admitting to guilt and paying the ticket will result in added points to your driving record and is also likely to cause your auto insurance rates to increase. A skilled Tennessee traffic ticket lawyer can help you communicate with the judge to reduce your penalties or even get the case dismissed possibly.

Reducing Penalties or Dismissal

An experienced lawyer can work with the judge to help you negotiate alternative penalties if you have a serious moving violation or a charge that involves adding many points to your driving record. This can greatly reduce the fine and can save you money on your auto insurance. In some situations, offering to pay the fine if you can have the points removed from the record is a money-saving option in the long run and is attractive to the state because they still receive the fine money. A lawyer can also sometimes get the ticket dismissed if you are willing to plead to a lesser violation, such as a non-moving violation of some kind. The ticket may also be dismissed if there is a court hearing, and the officer who issued the ticket does not appear.

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