Parenting Plan Modification in Chattanooga, TN

Modifying/Changing a Parenting Plans in Tennessee

When you need to modify a parenting plan in Tennessee, you will want an experienced child custody attorney by your side. At the Integrity Law Firm, PLLC, we have the best interests of every child in the forefront of our minds when working with our clients. We will ask the courts for a change or modification in your parenting plan to change custody when necessary. To qualify for this custody modification, the parent seeking the change must prove that a material change of circumstances has occurred that affects the child’s well-being.

Can you change child custody after divorce?

One of our experienced family law attorneys can help you understand what is and isn’t possible with a parenting plan. Tennessee law can be vague when it comes to defining what is and is not a material change of circumstances, which makes it important to have a law professional by your side during this time.

We can help with the following legal issues:

  • Changing the primary residential parent
  • Adjusting parenting time
  • Filing a petition of modification with the help of mediation
  • Child support changes as a result of this modification
  • Health evaluation for a child to prove the need for a change

Ultimately, at the Integrity Law Firm, PLLC, we understand how important it is to have adequate time with your child. When you want to modify parenting time, the standard to modify a parenting plan is practical when you can prove that a child’s mental or physical health is in jeopardy. A judge will ask what is different today than the day the order was made. This can be the number of hours worked or the job, the children’s schedule, or transportation.

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At the Integrity Law Firm, PLLC, we represent both mothers and fathers who are seeking custody modification. In our years of legal experience, parental gender does not matter as much to a judge as does sound, judgment, and a willingness to be flexible.  Call our law office to schedule a consultation at 423-498-5001. We serve all of Chattanooga, Red Bank, Soddy-Daisy, East Ridge, Collegedale, Hixson, Ooltewah, Lookout Mountain, Signal Mountain, Harrison, TN.

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