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After you have been charged with a crime, probation is a type of alternative sentencing that is designed to keep you out of prison. Probation requires regular visits with a probation officer and often has other terms as required by the court. Probation is often used as a sentencing option for a first-time offender or for someone who has committed a non-violent misdemeanor. If you are on probation, it is very important to comply with the terms of probation because if you do not, you could be sent to jail. If you have been charged with violating the terms of your probation, you will be required to attend a probation violation hearing at which the penalty for the violation will be determined. The smart thing to do is to consult with a Tennessee probation violation attorney before you appear at this hearing. This attorney can be your legal voice and will defend your rights.

Common Terms of Probation

There are many different possible terms that can go along with a sentence of probation, and you will be under continuous supervision. The probation officers may want to visit your home, and you may be required to remain within a certain geographic location. It is crucial that you report to your probation officer for each scheduled meeting. You may also be necessary to find employment or to submit to random drug or alcohol testing. You may be charged restitution fees to make up for any damages done in the commission of the original crime with which you were charged, and you may be required to do community service. It is always essential to do everything that is required of your terms of probation so that you do not end up being penalized with the original prison sentence for the crime.

What Constitutes a Probation Violation and Penalties

There are many different activities that may constitute a probation violation, and they often go well beyond merely not showing up for your meeting with the probation officer. Failing a drug test may be considered a parole violation if drug abuse was involved in the original criminal charges. Associating with people who are known criminals or with whom you were involved when you were charged with crimes who may have played a role in those crimes can also be a probation violation. If your crime involved the use of a gun or firearm, the simple possession of a firearm during probation might be a probation violation. Your probation officer will mostly decide the penalties that you will pay for violating your probation. If you are sent to jail, no bail or bond is usually permitted, and you could be staying there for quite a while before there is a hearing.  That is why it’s important for you to hire an experienced probation violation attorney.

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