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Being charged with a sex crime can be the result of a misunderstanding and can also nearly ruin your life. Even if you do not get sentenced to a prison or jail term, you are likely to be added to a registry of sex offenders, which means that your photograph may be seen on certain websites identifying you as an offender and that your location is shown on a map that your neighbors can see. Having a charge of a sex crime on your record can make it impossible for you to obtain a professional license, to get the job you want, or even to get a loan for a mortgage or to get the condo or apartment you desire. If you have been charged with a sex crime, you must hire an experienced Tennessee sex crimes lawyer right away who will be your legal voice throughout this embarrassing and difficult process.

Types of Sex Crimes

There are many different types of sex crimes, and some of them involve the use of the Internet, so it is easy for someone to be accused of such a crime based upon a misunderstanding or false accusation. One type of sex crime that involves computers is child pornography. You could be charged with this if someone else used your computer or even your Wi-fi network without your knowledge. Other types of sex crimes include statutory rape by a person in authority, such as a coach or teacher, child molestation, sex trafficking, aggravated sexual battery, and indecent exposure. In today’s emotionally charged world, it is not difficult for misunderstandings to occur in which a person’s business and personal reputation can be ruined for life. That’s why it is so important to have an experienced sex crimes lawyer on your side.

What To Do if You’ve Been Accused of a Sex Crime

If you have been charged with a sex crime, don’t panic. Do not speak with the police until you have hired an experienced lawyer. Speak to this attorney right away and do not allow the police to search your home or take your computer or smartphone until you have done so. Your attorney will then begin a comprehensive investigation to determine how and why the charges were made and will start to build your defense. In the meantime, do not discuss your case with others and do not use social media or similar outlets to post about the case or any of the circumstances surrounding it. Do not talk with the accuser’s friends and family, and let your lawyer do the talking for you when law enforcement officials come around to ask questions.

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If you have been accused of or charged with a sex crime, call to schedule a consultation with a Tennessee sex crime lawyer today.  The experienced legal professionals at the Integrity Law Firm, PLLC are dedicated to defending your rights and protecting the business and personal reputation that you worked so hard to build. Our expert staff will use all of its networks and resources to create the most effective defense that brings you the best possible outcome for your case. We serve the cities of Chattanooga, Cleveland, Soddy Daisy, Collegedale, and surrounding Tennessee communities. You can view our web page at or reach us by phone at 423-498-5001. Call us today and let us guide you through this challenging process.

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