What Crimes are Considered Violent Crimes?

Crimes in which one person inflicts harm upon another are considered to be violent crimes. However, the category of violent crime may also include a threat of intentional harm to another. Most violent crimes are felonies, and being charged with one is a very serious matter. If you’ve been charged with or accused of a violent crime, you need to speak with a Tennessee criminal lawyer as soon as you possibly can. Do not try to handle the law enforcement officials by yourself, and the less you say, the better. A skilled criminal lawyer can do the talking for you and get a more positive outcome for your case.

Aggravated Assault and Murder

Aggravated assault is a serious crime in which someone either knowingly or recklessly causes serious physical injury to another. However, the failure to protect a child from abuse is also seen as aggravated assault. The degree of severity of this crime depends upon the extent of the injuries to the victim. Murder, or homicide, is the most serious violent crime anyone can commit. It can be pre-meditated and intentional, or it can be a crime of passion.

Sex Crimes and Robbery

Sex crimes like forcible rape are considered violent crimes. Rape involves sexual acts with another person without her or his consent. In the state of Tennessee, these crimes carry severe penalties and can be as serious as life imprisonment, depending upon the severity of the crime. Robbery is also a serious crime, especially if a firearm is used and someone is injured or killed during the robbery. Arson is another serious property crime with severe penalties.

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