What Happens After Your Dependency Case is Dismissed?

A juvenile dependency case is one in which a child is removed from your home because someone has alleged that the child is the victim of abuse or neglect. When this occurs, either the police or a social worker will investigate to see if the allegations are true. Then, they will either take no action if there is no evidence to support the allegation, leave the child at home with you but will open a case so that the court has the right to direct the next actions, or they will take the child to another parent if the couple is separated, to another relative’s home, or the foster care system. During this time, you may benefit greatly by consulting with a Tennessee juvenile dependency lawyer.

The Jurisdiction Hearing

After it has been alleged that a child is the victim of abuse or neglect, there is a court hearing. A short time later, there will be a jurisdiction hearing at which you will be given a chance to argue against having your child removed from the home. At this hearing, a judge will determine whether or not your child “enters the system,” which could mean that he/she is still able to stay at home, but that a judge can give you orders about where the child will stay at any time. If it has been determined that your child was abused or neglected, the child will then be taken away. The social worker may then work with you on a plan for getting the child back in the home or for making arrangements for the child to live with another relative or to be adopted by a foster parent.

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