What Is an Example of Juvenile Law?

Juvenile law is a specialized area of law that pertains to minors. The U.S. judicial system believes that minors should be treated differently than adults when they break the law because peers more easily influence them and because they are also more open to rehabilitation efforts. The goals of the juvenile justice system are to prevent those who are not yet adults but who have been guilty of crimes from becoming lifelong criminals. Interventions that are made in cases of juvenile delinquency are aimed at helping juveniles learn to be accountable for their actions and to empower them to become useful and productive members of the community.

The Juvenile Criminal Justice System

The juvenile criminal justice system is a special system of courts that are designed to handle minors who have broken the law. This system of courts gives these minors a chance to avoid the full adult penalties for breaking various laws so that they do not develop criminal records at a young age and can move forward with their lives in a more constructive way. Instead of imprisonment in an adult prison, juveniles are detained when necessary in specialized juvenile detention facilities, or they are given sentences of community service along with other helpful interventions like counseling or rehabilitation programs. All juvenile criminal records are kept confidential and are not disclosed as public records so that they do not jeopardize the juvenile’s chances of getting a good job or education.

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