What Kind of Injuries Can You Get From a Car Accident?

Injuries that are sustained in a car accident can range from minor soft tissue injuries and abrasions to a permanently disabling or fatal injury. After an accident, it’s always important to seek medical care as soon as possible because symptoms of some injuries may not show up until later and can continue to require medical attention. When the injuries are serious, consulting with a Tennessee car accident lawyer is a smart thing to do. This lawyer can deal with the insurance companies for you and will help you get a compensation settlement that truly meets your needs.

Head and Chest Injuries

Head injuries that result from car accidents can range in severity from minor concussions to traumatic brain injuries that require a lifetime of care. When the delicate tissues of the brain are injured in a collision in which the brain moves around within the skull, this can cause brain damage that interferes with cognitive functioning and can even change personality. Drivers who are thrown forward into the steering wheel can sustain chest injuries like fractured ribs or cardiac contusions. These injuries can cause a punctured lung and may require urgent hospital care.

Whiplash Injuries

The sudden movement to the neck and upper back area that often occurs in a rear-end collision may cause a whiplash injury. In this type of soft tissue injury, muscles are abnormally stretched or torn, and although there may not be in pain at first, this can occur later and can also become chronic. It is crucial to seek medical care in the event of a whiplash injury, even if there is no initial pain. There may be pain that occurs later, and that is persistent and troublesome.

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