What’s the Difference Between Sole and Shared Custody?

In a divorce that involves children, a custody determination of some kind must be made. Sole custody occurs when one parent alone is given custody of the child or children, and shared custody happens when both parents reach an agreement to participate in the care of the children. Nowadays, most courts favor shared custody arrangements since the responsibilities of a parent can be extensive. However, there are some circumstances in which the only acceptable course of action is sole custody. If you are going through a divorce and need help with child custody matters, a skilled Tennessee family attorney has the knowledge and experience to help.

When Sole Custody is Needed

Family law courts award custody to divorcing spouses based mostly upon the idea of “best interest of the child.” For this reason, there are situations in which sole custody of a child or children is needed. For example, if one of the parents has a job that requires frequent travel and cannot provide a stable home for the child, the other parent may be awarded sole custody. Another situation that may require sole custody is if one parent has substance abuse issues and is unreliable or neglectful in child care. A parent with a history of domestic violence is also unlikely to be awarded custody of a child, and this will instead be given to the other parent. If the parents split up and move to different states after the divorce, custody of the child is then also likely to be awarded to just one of the parents.

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